Migration Scope

Migration Object defined under Migration Object Scope tab in Project Basic Data is the core element throughout the migration process in Smart Data Manager. Any target table that is used to migrate data into in IFS environment should be bind to a migration object. This can be loaded using the template project or user can define his own and user have the freedom to define its scope.


Define Migration Object Scope

Migration Object Scope

Migration Object Definition

Define Migration Objects from Template

When creating a new Migration project, using a Template project, predefined Migration Objects are added automatically. Use this scenario, to define what Migration objects to include, and to adjust them by setting their Target Tables to be, In or Out of Scope and to Add new Target Tables.

Define Target Table Scope

The purpose of the Target Table Scope is to define what Target Tables should be handledin the Migration Project. There are 2 main ways to define the initial Target Table Scope. Generate it from the Migration Objects or define it manually. Once the initial Scope has been defined, it can be expanded by using the Referenced Tables Relationships. If a Target Table has a Reference Table in a field, this reference table can be automatically in Scope, and its Reference Tables too..

Target Table Scope