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Troubleshooting On Premise Installations of RCM

Miscellaneous problems when setting up RCM on premise and their solutions.

When to use this information:

Use this page when you have installed RCM on premise and you are experiencing problems with the setup.

Problem: RCM Installation is interrupted

Cause: During installation the installer looks for a 32bit enabled application pool.
Solution: Set the Enable 32-Bit Application setting to True for the DefaultAppPool (under Advanced Settings).

Problem: Installation completes but ClickOnce deployment of the RCM Client fails

Cause: When running the RCM installation the following errors are displayed during the Configure RCM Toolkit Client Connection step (The web server address is not registered correctly and therefore the RCM client cannot be downloaded).

Solution: Install.NET version 4.5 or later. The version of Mage.exe included in the installation seems to depend on.NET 4.5.

Problem: Could not load file or assembly 'msshrtmi' ... server error

When loading the http://[WebServer]/RCMToolkit webpage the following error is displayed

Cause: This is due to a mismatch between msshrtmi.dll bit version (64bit) and the application pool bit version (32bit).
Solution: Create a new application pool (where Enable 32-Bit Application = False) and move the RCMToolkit web project to it. Reload the webpage.

Problem: Cannot login to SQL Server database through the RCM Client

Cause: Disabled settings in the web server.
Solution: Enable the required settings in the applicationHost.config file

- `Location = %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config`
- Find the following section group: system.webserver/security/authentication
- Set the `overrideModeDefault` property of all sections to  `Allow`