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Sanity Builds

Sanity Build Process

The Sanity Build Process is used to assess that the latest revision in the master branch of the Customer Solution repository is buildable.

During this process, the code in the master branch is built and deployed. Several criteria are checked which include Database code generation, Database code deployment and code compilation.

If no errors are found, a Sanity image is created and the master branch of the customer solution repository is tagged as san-<Unix Timestamp>-OK. If however the build fails, the master branch is tagged with san-<Unix Timestamp>-FAILED and a Sanity Image is not created.

The sanity build tags for the customer solution can be viewed on Azure repository as shown below.

When ordering a DEV or a QAS Environment from the IFS Lifecycle Experience Portal for development or testing, the latest successful build with sanity passed is used to create the environment.

This sanity build is configured to run daily on a schedule. This schedule can be configured by a build place technician to a time that suits the work practices of the customer solution development team.

In situations where a out of schedule sanity/validation build is required, it is also possible to manually trigger this build through the IFS Lifecycle Experience Portal.

Sanity Build Schedule

Please note that scheduled sanity build functionality is available for 21R1 customers only. 21R2 and beyond customers will have to follow the manual sanity build process. Thus, this section is applicable only for 21R1 customers.

To check the daily sanity build schedule for a Buildplace, you can use the "Settings" dialog in IFS Lifecycle Experience portal.

  • Go to the build place home page and click on "Settings".

You can read the sanity build schedule time as shown below or change it to a desired time if the user is assigned to the "Technician" role in the Buildplace. Please note that this time is in UTC.

Note: BP_SANITY_SCHEDULER pipeline will be registered for the build place once the schedule is set from the portal. It will not be created at the time of build place creation.