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Creating Buildhome

Buildhome and Delivery Creation during Upgrade iterations for Customers Upgrading to IFS Cloud from Previous IFS Application Versions

Build home creation is handled by using a tested sanity tag of the customer solution repository. The build home thus created can be uses as input to the Upgrade build home creation required when upgrading to IFS Cloud from earlier releases of IFS Applications.

Explained below are the steps required to recreate a build home.

From "My Build Places" select the relevant build place tand click on the "Go to Build Place" button to navigate in.

Once navigated in to the build place select "Recreate Buildhome" button to open the build home recreate side panel.

In the "Recreate Buildhome" side panel, select the sanity tag corresponding to the code revision required to create the build home. Once the sanity tag is selected, click on the "Apply" button.

Clicking on "Apply" button will trigger the build place main pipeline to initiate the automation required to create the build home.

Explained below are the steps required to access created build homes.

From "My Build Places" click on the Storage button. Under the "Upgrade Buildhome" section all upgrade build homes will be visible and by clicking on the download icon the build home will downloaded as a zip file.

A lite version of the build homes will also be created as a separate delivery. This will contain only the IFS Installer and the Solution set file and can be used to deploy the middle tier in upgrade deployments. This will be listed under the deliveries section.

For customers on Residency option 'Cloud' this can be deployed using the Use management support avaialble. For customers on residency optoin 'Remore' the delivery has to be downloaded and deployed using deployment procedures being used by the customer.


If the customizations contain new components, verify below steps are executed prior to creating deliveries through the buildplace:

1) Commit the new component to customer-solution repository

2) Add the new component to the solutionset file

3) Run a sanity build

4) Recreate the build home selecting the successful sanity tag generated in step 3 above