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Apply Release Update to Customer Solution Repository and Customization Uplifting Process


This section describe the process of migrating release update code from customer baseline repository to the customer solution repository and the process of uplifting customizations


Release update should have been fetched to the build place (Refer Fetch the Release Update to Customer Baseline Repository ).


During fetching release update to the build place (Fetch the Release Update to Customer Baseline Repository) release-update branch will be created in the customer solution repository from the selected delivery tag. Release update code can be applied to that branch using the following steps.

  1. Clone customer solution repository
    • git clone <customer-solution-repo-url>
  2. Change directory to the cloned folder
    • cd customer-solution
  3. Add Customer Baseline repository as an upstream to Customer Solution repository
    • git remote add upstream <customer-baseline-repo-url>
  4. Create and checkout a topic branch based on release-update branch by following the two commands mentioned below. Use proper naming standard as mentioned in Naming Standards to use when working with GIT . If not branch may not be listed in environment ordering dialog.

    • git checkout -b <topic_branch_name> origin/release-update
    • e.g.: git checkout -b topic-ru/vinvlk/RU-ALE-01-ReleaseUpdate,21.2 origin/release-update
  5. Pull from upstream (i.e. from Customer Baseline repository release-update branch)

    • git pull upstream release-update
  6. Fix merge conflicts (if exists)
    Note: There could be possible conflicts in the solutionset file and the translationusage.json file. Need to carefully check and resolve them.
  7. Carry out required changes identified by Impact Analysis run to uplift customizations. Refer Developing with IFS Developer Studio for more information on how to use Developer Studio tool for this.
  8. Git add, commit and push local changes (Refer Naming Standards to use when working with GIT for the commit message naming standard)
    • git add .
    • git commit -m "meaningful commit message"
    • git push origin <topic branch name>
  9. Test the changes using a baseline environment or a topic environment
  10. Create pull request and merge to Customer Solution repository release-update branch.(When creating the pull request from Azure DevOps project master branch will be automatically selected. Make sure to change it to release-update before creating the pull request)
  11. Delete remote and local topic branches

Multiple developers working on customization uplifting process

This section describes the process for uplifting customizations by multiple developers.

  1. Follow the step 1 to 6 in above section
  2. Skip the step 7 and 8 and follow step 9 to push the topic branch created in step 4 to the customer solution repository
  3. All developers share the topic branch created in step 4 to uplift customizations
  4. Developers can deploy the code and test the changes either using a baseline environment
  5. Topic environment can also be used to test the changes once all the build errors in the topic branch are fixed
  6. Commit the local changes to the topic branch by following the step 9 in above section
  7. Once all the customizations are uplifted follow step 10 and 11 in above section