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Interface Reference Report Viewer

This from is used to visualize objects in the modification code base or extracted configurations that uses a core object where the interface is modified. It tries to diagnose if the interface modification has a High or Low impact on the modification code. In some few cases, the impact cannot be specified and therefore set to Unknown. Open the Interface Report Issue Viewer by right clicking on a item in the Main Grid and selecting the Show Interface Reference Report in the context menu.

On the left side, all detected interface issues are listed. It is possible to filter on different kind of reported interface changes, like modifications in tables and views, modifications in the interface to PLSQL methods, etc. On the right side, the entire file from the modification is shown.

By double clicking on a line in the Interface Reference Report, or select Locate Object in Modification from the context menu, the first occurrence of the object in question will be highlighted in the Version in Modification pane. The arrow buttons in the top left corners navigates between the hits found in the modification file. You can also do a manual search in this file.

If several changes are done on the same object, like two or more columns are added/removed to a table it will only displayed as one line in the Interface Reference Report, but the text more added at the end of the issue description indicates that there are more than one change here. Hovering over the element in the tables shows all changes. There is also a context menu option to copy the technical description of the changes into the clipboard.

Interfacereports folder of the archive may contain Code_Impact_Search_Criteria files, which consists of regular expressions and the corresponding impact for different file types. If a modification file has any matches with these regular expressions, then it will show with corresponding impact under the Issue type “Regular Expression Matches”.