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Editing Model Files using Diagrams

Model files can be edited visually through the diagram editor.

Elements within the model file are represented as diagram objects and can be added/removed or modified through various controls and actions in the diagram editor.

The Diagram editor consists of a toolbar menu and a drawing area. visual representations of model file elements can be added and modified through the controls of the toolbar menu.

Common Toolbar Buttons

Apart from diagram type specific toolbar buttons for inserting and modifying model file elements, there are buttons that provide common functionality for all diagram types.

Figure:  Diagram editing toolbar
  1. Select tool - Activate this toggle button to enable selection of diagram objects. You can move objects around, add/remove control points in links, etc in the selection mode You can open the property sheets window in Developer Studio to view the properties of the diagram objects in selection mode
  2. Hand tool (Pan) - Use this tool to move the diagram area around when zooming
  3. Fit Diagram - Zooms the diagram so that it fits the diagram editor pane
  4. Fit Width - Sets the diagram zoom level so that the diagram fits the width of the diagram editor pane
  5. Reset Zoom - Resets the zoom level of the diagram
  6. Custom Zoom Level - Zoom the diagram to predefined zoom settings specified in the drop down list or type in a custom zoom level
  7. Zoom In - Zooms in the diagram by one level
  8. Zoom Out - Zooms out the diagram by one level
  9. Export Image - Exports the diagram as an image. Supports JPEG and PNG file formats
  10. Print Diagram - Prints the diagram
  11. Layout Diagram - re-arranges the diagram nodes and links according to a predefined layout