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Data types and constants

All attribute (dt_<Type>) types are of type CONSTANT VARCHAR2. The attribute types corresponds to IFS Application Server attribute types.

The record state types are of type CONSTANT VARCHAR2. The states corresponds to the IFS Application Server record states.

Type Description/use
type_record_ Foundation1 record.
type_value_ Attribute value data type.
type_name_ Attribute name data type.
type_type_ Attribute type data type.
type_status_ Attribute status data type.
type_domain_ Domain data type..
type_trace_file_ Trace file data type.
Record State Value
New_Record_ Create
Modified_Record_ Modify
Removed_Record_ Remove
Queried_Record_ NULL
Attribute type Value
dt_Text  T
dt_Text_Key  TK
dt_Text_Reference TR
dt_Long_Text LT
dt_Integer I
dt_Decimal  DEC
dt_Money  DEC
dt_Float  N
dt_Date  D
dt_Time DT
dt_TimeStamp  DTS
dt_Alpha A
dt_Binary R.B64
dt_Long_Binary  R.B64
dt_Enumeration  ENUM
dt_Aggregate  AGGREGATE
dt_Array  ARRAY
dt_Reference  REFERENCE
dt_Picture  Picture Object