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Handling Non Layered Files


IFS Update Analyzer downloaded and installed on the users' workstation. The tool can be downloaded from the IFS Developer Portal


There are two main types of files in the customer-solution repository. They are,

Customer solution repository contains all the layered and non layered customized files. The corresponding non-layered file in the IFS released code can be updated during a service update. By using any of the below mentioned options, it is possible to merge the changes that have been done to resolve the impacts of customized core files in the customer solution repository.

Option 1

After doing the analysis using ".upda" file, using the filter options in the update analyzer tool[1,2] user can filter the impacted core files as below(Figure 1.1).

  • Check the "Impacted Only" check box[1]
  • Select only the "Core" option from "Layers" field[2]
Figure 1.1 - Impact analysis option

"Copy files to workspace folder" option in the Update Analyzer tool can be used to copy the filtered list of files or all the impacted files to a different location(Figure 1.2).

  • Right click on a selected row
  • Click on the arrow next to "Copy filed to workspace folder" option[1]
  • Choose the "All Filtered Files" option[2]. Then all the impacted core files will be copied to the specified location.
Figure 1.2 - Copy files to a different location

Option 2

It is possible to merge the changes using a third-party tool, integrated to the update analyzer tool. User can integrate the third-party merge tool to the update analyzer tool using the gear icon located in the top bar of the tool. Then the users can merge the changes of the non-layered files easily.

Figure 1.3 - Integrate a merge tool to Update Analyzer tool

To merge using the integrated merge tool

  • Right click on a selected row
  • Select "Open External merge Tool" option
Figure 1.3 - Integrate a merge tool to Update Analyzer tool