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Updating Solution Set

Solution Set update would take place through a sales process. Once the commercial discussions are completed, customer is able to update the Solution Set via Build Place.

If there are changes to the applied solution set applied in IFS Internal System, User Administrators can update the solution set from IFS Internal System. Click on the 'Update Solution Set' button in the Build Place. Update Solution Set form shows the list of modified components. Click on 'Apply Update' to update the solution set. This will fetch the new solution set from IFS Internal System and sanity build will run to ensure that changes in the solution set are compatible with the solution baseline code. If sanity build is successful new solution set will be committed to the customer baseline repository. Then it creates a branch in customer solution repository, merge the solution set with the existing solution set and create a pull request. A user having repository access (e.g.: Technician, Customer Solution Developer) should approve that pull request to merge the changes to the master branch. To approve the pull request user should find the pull request having the title "Merge Updated Solution Set", once the update solution set pipeline completes.

The progress of the updating solution set can be viewed from pipeline URL (Go to jobs in Lifecycle Experience portal. Find the relevant job for the updating solution set request and click the pipeline URL).

Once the solution set is updated and the pull request is approved, run a Sanity Build for the build place and order an Environment. Once this task is completed, users can include this component also to the planned delivery to the Use Place. To learn the process of delivery planning, please refer "Build Place Deliveries"

Note: The generally practiced communication method should be followed between customer and implementation teams when following the above process as the activities will involved multiple teams.