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Customization Upliftment Preparation


This section describe the process of creating a topic branch for customization upliftment through Application Lifecycle portal. During this step a new topic branch will be created by automation and the version will be updated to the new Release Update. This topic branch should be used during the customization upliftment process.


Release update should have been fetched to the build place (Refer Fetch the Release Update to Customer Baseline Repository ).


During fetching release update to the build place (Fetch the Release Update to Customer Baseline Repository) release-update branch will be created in the customer solution repository from the selected delivery tag. With 22R2 release, it will remove the core code from the release-update branch during this step.

Applying the release update to customer-solution repository has been simplified in core cust separated builplaces as described below.
Instead of manually creating a topic branch, the user will now be able to create it with a button click using the Application Lifecycle Experience portal. To start the process, click on the "Customization Upliftment Preparation" button on the navigator (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1 - Navigator of the Release Update Studio

It will open up the Customization Upliftment Preparation dialog (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1.2 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog

If the user wants to change the default name of the topic branch, this can be done using the “Edit Name” option (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.3 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Edit Branch Name

Once the user click on "Edit Name", the button will change to “Check” and it will remain disabled until the user provides an input in the editing area. There will be a 12 character length validation in the input box (Figure 1.4).

Figure 1.4 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Disabled Check

Updating the value in the input field will enable the "Check" button. It will disable the “Create” button at this point (Figure 1.5).

Figure 1.5 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Enabled Check

Special characters will be validated inline. If any special characters are found, it will disable the button “Check” until all special characters are removed from the field (Figure 1.6).

Figure 1.6 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Special characters will not be allowed

After entering a valid input, click on button "Check" to verify a branch of the same name does not already exist in customer-solution repository (Figure 1.7).

Figure 1.7 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Check if branch name is available

If the entered branch name already exists, an error message will be shown on the dialog. The "Check" button will be enabled once the user changes the input to a different value (Figure 1.8).

Figure 1.8 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Error Message Shown if the Branch Name Already Exists

If the entered branch name does not already exist in the repository, a success message will be shown and the "Create" button will be enabled (Figure 1.9).

Figure 1.9 - Customization Upliftment Preparation Dialog - Branch Name Available

Click on button "Create" to trigger the pipeline to create the topic branch.

Automation will create the new branch from the release-update branch in customer-solution repository and replace the new branch's version.txt file with the version.txt file in customer-baseline repository release-update branch. This topic branch should be used to perform customization upliftment during next steps.

The corresponding summary table record will be updated and a job record will be added for the Customization Upliftment Preparation step.