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Analyze Schema

Analyze Schema is a scheduled task that analyzes the schemas that holds all tables and indexes installed for IFS Applications. See scheduled tasks for more information about execution plans and how they are executed.

Parameters of the Analyze Schema scheduled task

When submitting analyze schema one can choose of four different analyze methods:

Method Description
Automatic Calculates the percent of rows to use to estimate the statistics based on values from previous analysis of each object. If no previous statistics exists then Compute is used for that object.
Compute Compute statistics based on every row in the table or index. For very large tables this can take a long time.
Estimate Estimates the statistics based on X percent of the rows in the table or index. X defaults to 10%.
Delete Deletes all statistics for all objects.

If choosing this method the optimizer will use Rule Based Optimization until new statistics are gathered.

Note: Normally IFS recommends the Automatic setting, but depending on the amount of data other options may suit the solution better.