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Configure Transport Connectors

Transport Connectors (Readers and Senders) can be managed in Setup IFS Connect window. This is located in Solution Manger / Integration / IFS Connect.

The transport connectors handle the communication between the business system and message hubs, output services/devices, and application connectors.

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File based reader consideration

Writing files to disk is not an atomic operation and it usually takes some time. If a file based Connector Reader (File, FTP, SFTP) will start to list or read files while the file writing is not finished the result can be unpredictable.

To some extends the behavior can be controlled by the IGNORE_IF_NOT_FOUND flag. If the listing of available files occurs while files are still being written, it can happen that those files will get their last modified date being changed on next listing causing creation of new entries in Connect Reader Queue. Multiple entries in Connect Reader Queue pointing to the same file will cause only one of them to trig reading, processing and deleting the file, while the other will just end up with non-existent files.

To avoid or at least minimize possible problems files should be written to a temporary folder located on the same physical disk as the directory the reader is reading from and moved to the reader's IN folder first when completely written. Alternatively files can be written using temporary names and renamed after writing is completed. In such case it is important to remember to define reader's message selector so that the temporary files would be ignored.