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Configure Envelopes

Envelopes can be managed in Setup IFS Connect window. This is located in Solution Manger / Integration / IFS Connect.


Envelope Configuration

    The XML file containing envelope configuration is stored as a binary attribute. To examine or modify it you have to save it to disk and open in an external editor or an Internet browser. If you need to make any changes you have to load the modified file and then save changes. Read more about how to work with binary parameters.
    Description of the envelope.
    Comma separated list of envelope parameters. With this parameter you can choose envelope parameters that can be used for content based routing.

If there is a risk for conflicts between envelopes during processing of inbound messages, i.e. if different envelopes use the same set of matching conditions, this is extremely important to specify envelope priority, otherwise it will be undefined which envelope definition is used.

For example if you will create a new envelope by copying SOAP_SIMPLE, which you intend to use for outbound messages only, you have to specify the envelope priority that is lower (i.e. greater priority number) then the one specified on SOAP_SIMPLE, otherwise there is a risk that your envelope configuration will be taken instead of SOAP_SIMPLE when processing inbound messages and existing Routing Rules based on SOAP_SIMPLE will not work any longer.

By default SOAP_SIMPLE has priority 9.