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Configure Message Queue

Message queues can be managed in Setup IFS Connect window. This is located in Solution Manger / Integration / IFS Connect.


Configure Queue

If a message queue (static and non-static) has configuration parameters, those can be modified by selecting the actual queue.

Note: Queues of type DisabledQueue ( ERROR and TRASHCAN ) do not have any parameters.

Modify the the desired parameters and use Save toolbar button to save the changes.

    • InParallel
      All messages are executed in parallel. The application server will resource allocation for optimal system performance.
    • InSequence
      By default only one message will be executed at a time in the entire cluster, but this behavior can be modified using the THREAD_COUNT parameter. The queue will not block on failure � the current message will be set to Failed and the next one will be picked up for execution.
    • InOrder
      Only one message will be executed at a time in the entire cluster. The queue will block on error. A failed message will stop the entire queue and will require a manual restart once the failed message has been corrected, cancelled or moved to another queue.

Note: While the InOrder mode guarantees messages to be executed according the the Application Message ID order, the InSequence mode doesn't. The only purpose of this mode is to achieve throttling of messages executed in parallel, especially in combination with the THREAD_COUNT parameter. Note: The EXECUTION_MODE of the DEFAULT queue is always InParallel and must not be changed. - STOP_QUEUE
You can use this checkbox for stopping and restarting the queue. Once a queue is stopped all new messages arriving to that queue will be suspended. Restarting a queue will release all suspended message. - LOG_LEVEL
Log level for logging output of category BatchProcessor that is tagged with the current queue name - PRIORITY
Message queue priority. 0-4: gradations of normal priority, 5-9: gradations of expedited priority. - THREAD_COUNT
Only valid if the EXECUTION_MODE is set to InSequence. By default only one message at a time will be executed in the entire cluster, but setting value of this parameter to an integer number greater then one will cause execution of up to this number messages at a time.