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Set up user as AdministratorΒΆ

To administrate over information related to Forward/Line Maintenance that was migrated and synchronized from Maintenix, and define settings to customize information displayed to a technician, notably to define the airport for a user and airport settings, an admin user needs to be defined using the steps below:

  1. Log in to IFS Cloud Web as the application owner.

  2. If you wish to create a new end user for the admin user, navigate to the User or Users page located in the Solution Manager folder and create your new user. Alternatively you can assign an existing user who will work as an administrator. To grant administrator access to a new or existing user perform step 6. For more information see Users.

  3. Navigate to the Permission Set page located in the Solution Manager folder. Create a new permission set for the admin user specifying details as you see fit but ensuring that the Type is set to End User Role. For more information see Permission Sets.

  4. Using the record sub-menu on the left, click Projections and in the Granted Projections section, add the projections for the ADCOM and ADMON components. Additionally add the projections in the table below based on the administrator requirements. For more information see Projections and Lobby Pages.

    Projection Name Purpose of the projection
    FlmAssemblyFluidConsumptionHandling To handle Fluid Record Consumption
    FlmAssemblyFluidDefinitionHandling To handle Assembly Fluid definitions
    FlmFluidServiceDefHandling To handle Fluid Service Definitions
  5. On the record sub-menu, click Grant Structure and in the Granted Permission Sets section, grant the FND_WEBRUNTIME permission set to work with IFS Cloud Web pages. Additionally, add the permission sets in the table below based on the administrator's requirement. For more information see Grant Structure.

    Requirement Permission to grant
    Required grants of all the Digital Signature admin projections and actions FND_DSS_ASST_ADMIN
    Required grants of all the Remote Assistance admin projections and actions FND_REM_ASST_ADMIN
  6. On the record sub-menu, click Users Granted, and in the Users Granted section, add the user you created in step 2 or an existing user, to grant access to the permission set you created. For more information see Users Granted.

For information on how to define the airport for a user and airport settings related to viewing aircraft turns, refer to the IFS Cloud Documentation for Forward/Line Maintenance.