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Configure Fault AttachmentsΒΆ

To enable Line Technicians and Supervisors to add and view attachments on a fault, you must:

  1. Grant users the permission to add and view attachments
  2. Configure file types to be supported as attachments
  3. Enable mobile use of FLM DOC Document Class

Grant user permission to add and view attachments

  1. On the User or Users page located in the Solution Manager folder, search for the required user.
  2. In the record sub-menu, click User Permissions.
  3. On the Direct Grants tab, click Grant Permission Sets.
  4. Search for and select the DOCUMENT_ATTACHMENT_AURENA permission set. Click OK.

Configure supported file types

  1. Navigate to the Document Management/Basic Data/EDM Basic/File Types page.
  2. Click New and add the document file types that you require as attachments.

Enable mobile use of FLM DOC document class

  1. Navigate to the Solution Manager/Aurena Native Apps/Configuration/Document Classes page.
  2. Search for the FLM DOC Document Class.
  3. Set the values for Mobile Document Class, Push to Mobile and New in Mobile to Yes.
  4. In the Max File Size field specify the maximum file size for a document that can be downloaded from the mobile application.
  5. Save your changes.