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Synchronization Service Properties

The Synchronization Service Properties is used to handle to manage logging properties and basic service properties. In most cases you do not need to change any values here, but if you have problem with the Synchronization Service values could be changed in order to get out logs for further investigations.

There exists two different Property Groups:

  • Logging
  • Ifs


The property group Logging is the properties that exists for J2EE and the result will be seen in the ifs-native-server container's log,

For each of the Property Names there are different Property Values that can be used. Observe that not all property values exists for all Property Names.

The following pre defined Property Values exists:

  • INFO
    Log all info level details.
    Log only error/exceptions.
    Log only warnings.
    Log debug level details.
  • Console_out
    Write logs to STDOUT, which is a file that is saved and can be seen in the Docker image.
  • Console_err
    Write logs to STDERR, which is a file that is saved and can be seen in the Docker image.


Ifs is the properties defined for IFS Cloud.

For Mobile App Server there is currently only one Ifs property, ifs.enableMobileAccessStat, which is used to measure performance. It is a string value and when it is TRUE the logging is on. Any other value will be treated as if the logging is off. Logs will be created when Ifs Property has the Value TRUE and the logs can be seen in the screen Synchronization Service Stat Records.

Note 1: Writing Synchronization Service Stat Records to the database will very quickly fill your database with information of very little commercial value, so the statistics should be turned off when needed in order to collect data and then be turned off again.

Note 2: If the property does not exist, it is created when the Mobile App Service starts.

Note 3: Property names for Ifs Property Groups starts with either “ifs.” or “fnd.” By default, the property type is String unless the name ends with “Enabled” in which case it is Boolean.