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Manufacturing Scheduling and Optimization (MSO)

Manufacturing Scheduling and Optimization (MSO) is based on the Scheduling optimization and machine learning configuration, read more about Scheduling Optimization and Machine Learning Configuration.
When the necessary IFS components and Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) components are installed, this guide describes how to configure the two systems to work together.


  • Step 1: Configure MSO Profile
  • Step 2: Create MSO Site/ Scheduling Dataset

Step 1: Configure MSO Profile

To work the MSO solution in intended way, some parameter changes should be done to the PSO Workbench profile. In here, Manufacturing solution uses a new Profile call 'MSO' and it should have these parameter values accordingly. This process needs to be done for a new installation or a PSO environment upgrade/exchange.

  1. Logging to the PSO Workbench and Navigate to the "Parameters" section from the navigation panel.
    Workbench > Administration > Organization > Parameters

  2. Click on the Administration button. In the Import/Export tab in System data, import this xml file. This will create the MSO profile with the required parameter values.

    Here is the changing profile parameter list:

    • AllowLocationlessActivities - True

    • CommittedActivitiesConstraintsOption - All time constraints applied.

    • ReloadLastPlan - False

    • ScheduleCommittedActivitiesInActiveShift - False

    • ShowSeparationConstraints - True

    • UseLateAsPossibleScheduling - True

    Once this import process is completed, newly created "MSO" profile will be listed in the profile dropdown menu.

Step 2: Create MSO Site/ Scheduling Dataset

Please refer to the section BDR For Constraint Based Scheduling with MSO in IFS Cloud Online Documentation. The activity to be used is Create MSO Site.