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Application Monitoring ConsoleΒΆ

The Application Monitoring Console is a tool for monitoring the status of IFS Cloud with concern to various of parameters important in order to have a well working application. You find the console by clicking on Application Monitoring Console found in Solution Manager / Monitoring / Application Monitoring folder. The entries are configured the Application Monitoring Console Configuration.

Figure 1 - Application Monitoring Console page

Each entry may have an upper and a lower warning limit. If the entry shows a value outside this range it is marked as something that needs attention. To see only these entries use the Show Alarms Only option.

Each of the monitoring entries can be configured in the Application Monitoring Entries page. Here you can also define your own entries that you wish to monitor.

For a specific entry click on Details to view more information, for example the number of batch queues.

Figure 2 - View more details of a monitoring entry