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Usage of Date and Timestamp data types

Odata-provider support both date and timestamp as data types.


Date will be represented with the format of "YYYY-MM-DD". If you need to include the time component as well, then Timestamp data type should be used.


Time stamp has two usages.

  • Without precision value
  • With precision value

Without precision value

If you don't specify the precision value, the precision will be set to its default value as 0. (i.e., no fractional second information can be included in the parameter/attribute)

Projection Syntax:

parameter Birthday Timestamp;

Representation of date time value should follow the format of "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD". (eg: 1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00)

Since there are no fractional values allowed the underlying database type will be set to DATE.

With precision value

If you specify the precision value, then it is allowed to use fractional second values up to the precision value specified.

Projection Syntax:

attribute Birthday Timestamp(3);

Representation of date time value should follow the format of "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssTZD". (eg: 1997-07-16T19:20:30.456+01:00)

Since fractional second information is included the underlying database data type will be set to TIMESTAMP.
Also note that we do not support fractional seconds in parameters.