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BR Parameter Functions

This page provides information about IFS Cloud specific functions that can be used when defining Function Parameters in IFS Business Reporter (BR) reports.


In IFS Business Reporter it is possible to define function based report parameters, i.e. the value of a parameter is calculated by executing a referenced function. This functionality can be very useful by using the input parameter values as supplied at execution time to calculate the values of associated reported parameters that in turn are used in BR report filter criteria.

There are two type of BR Parameter Functions:

  1. Simple Functions Simple functions refer to functions that handle arithmetic operations, data type conversions etc. Simple Functions will be installed as a part of an IFS Cloud installation. It is not allowed to manually enter Simple Functions.
  2. Advanced Functions An Advanced Function is always based on a call to an IFS Cloud specific function, i.e. using a function available in the server layer. Some Advanced Functions will be installed as a part of an IFS Cloud installation. The functions are however component specific so the available installed functions depend on installed components in the current installation. An Advanced Function is always associated with one or more metadata items, i.e. with one or more fact or dimension items. To be able to use an Advanced Function in IFS Business Reporter it is necessary to connect functions to metadata items.

It is possible to manually define new BR Parameter Functions.

Note: It is required that the user to handle Parameter Functions in IFS Business Reporter, they should be granted the system privilege DEFINE SQL

BR Parameter Functions

The BR Parameter Functions as well as to investigate the details of a specific function.

It is possible to define a new BR Parameter Functions but it requires some knowledge about available APIs and functions in IFS Cloud.

Figure 1: BR Parameter Functions page

Column Name Description
Function ID Identity of the function. Unique.
Description Descriptive text that explains what the function does and returns. This text will be displayed in IFS Business Reporter.
Function Type Pre-defined functions are either of type Simple Function or Advanced Function.
Simple Functions can not be defined manually; these functions are always defined at installation time. Advanced Functions can be pre-defined but it is also possible to manually define new advanced functions.
API To Call For a function of type Advanced Function it is mandatory to specify the package and function to be associated with the Function ID.

The syntax is <package_name>.<function_name>
No arguments should be specified.
Data Type The return value data type of the function.
Can be one of  String, Number or Date.
A BR Parameter Function of String data type can only be referenced by a String parameter or item in IFS Business Reporter. The same applies to the other data types.
Syntax Specifies the syntax of the function.
The syntax TO_CHAR(Number [, FormatString]) exemplifies that the simple function TO_CHAR has two arguments, the first of number type and the other one is a format string. The second argument is optional.

The syntax Accounting_Period_API.Get_Curr_Acc_Year(Company) exemplifies the advanced function Get_Curr_Acc_Year in the Accounting_Period_Api package that takes a Company as input parameter and returns the current accounting year (as a number).

The syntax definition will be used in the Function Parameters tab in IFS Business Reporter when displaying created Function Parameters.
Help Text Text that can be used to provide the user with a more detailed explanation of a function, its parameters etc.

It is possible to define a new parameter function as well but only functions with Function Type as Advanced Function.

Select a function and then right-click and select BR Parameter Function Detail... option to open up the BR Function Parameter Detail window.

Figure 2: Select a parameter and use standard detail navigation to get to the BR Parameter Function Detail page

BR Function Parameter Detail

The BR Parameter Function Details page displays all arguments for a specific BR Parameter Function.

Figure 3: BR Parameter Function Detail page

This page can be used to browse, modify or add arguments related to a specific function.

Arguments that are added manually must match the data type and mandatory flag for each one of the arguments of the target function. Since the window does not provide any built-in support to select function metadata from IFS Cloud it is important to make sure that the added arguments are correct.

Function Parameters In IFS Business Reporter

Figure 4: Function Parameters in IFS Business Reporter

Function Parameters in IFS Business Reporter are defined in a dedicated tab on the report book level. For each defined parameter a reference is made to either a simple or an advanced function.

Created parameters are listed at the bottom of the parameter tab. The parameter name and the syntax, including arguments, are listed.

To test the parameters, use the Evaluate button.

Assigning BR Function Parameters to a Metadata Item

Advanced Parameter Functions must be associated with one or more metadata items in order to be accessible in IFS Business Reporter.

For the pre-defined Advanced BR Parameter Functions, the most natural associations are defined in the corresponding metadata files, i.e. fact or dimension metadata files. This means that pre-defined functions can be used directly in IFS Business Reporter without doing any special actions.

If an advanced Function Parameter is defined manually, it will be necessary to associate it with the metadata items that will support usage of the function when defining a Function Parameter in IFS Business Reporter.

More information can be found in the fact and dimension specific configuration information:

Refreshing IFS Business Reporter Report

When IFS Business Reporter is started, the Parameter Functions available at that time will be fetched and made available for the user.

If the BR Parameter Functions window contains functions that are not accessible in IFS Business Reporter, it will be necessary to refresh the current information in the IFS Business Reporter report. Refresh is handling in design mode, in Design Options in IFS Business Reporter ribbon, according to the following:

  1. Click on Refresh All to refresh Information Sources, Settings and Global Parameters
  2. Click on the Refresh All drop down arrow and then on Refresh Information Sources which includes refresh of advanced parameter functions.
  3. Click on the Refresh All drop down arrow and then on Refresh IFS Business Reporter Settings to refresh standard parameter functions.

Figure 5: Refreshing Information Source related data in a IFS Business Reporter report

Referenced IFS Business Reporter Reports

In order to figure out the saved or published IFS Business Reporter reports that are referencing a specific BR Parameter Function, click on the required function in the BR Function Parameters page in IFS client and then use the command Report Parameter References to open the

Figure 6: Using command Report Parameter References

The page Report Parameters Referencing Parameter Functions will be opened.

Figure 7: The Report Parameters Referencing Parameter Functions page

In the opened page, select a report and use the standard <detail> navigation to open up the BR Report Parameters page that provides more detail reports about a BR report and its parameters.

Figure 8: BR Report Parameter page