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Power BI Report Overview

In the Power BI Report overview a user can access all the available Power BI Reports and edit the reports from there without the need of having a Power BI Pro license. Security through this page is handled by the PowerBiReportOverview projection in the PBIES component.


Changes made here are applicable to all Power BI Embedded elements that point to the report that is edited here, this means that if a visual or a page is removed here, elements that were using that page or visual directly will break.

Edit Mode

The edit features leverage the Power BI Online edit features, for information on how to create reports and visuals using Power BI Online see::

Import Mode

It is possible to import a Power BI report from within IFS Cloud Web. After pressing the import button, the user will be prompted to select a Power BI Report (pbix) using a filesystem dialog.


Once imported, the report will be displayed in the page. It will also be available to be included in a lobby page. To do this, the user will need to create a Power BI Lobby element based on this report: See Power BI Elements

Import Mode Considerations

  • The chosen report will be imported into the first workspace available to the user's service principal.
  • The report chosen must be < 30MB in size