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CSM Portal Form guide

  1. Fill in the CUSTOMER INFORMATION section

  • Make sure you select the correct environment that you wish to setup BI.

  • If you have already setup Advanced Analytics related resources, Select the "Advanced Analytics (AA) Enabled?" check box and provide the values below. First three are GUIDs, and the last is a 40 characters long text.

  1. If you have already setup Analysis Models related resources, Select the "Analysis Models (AA) Enabled?" check box and provide the values below.

  1. Click on Order once all the values are entered.

  2. The request will get automatically approved and a new pipeline triggered to update the K8s secrets.

  1. Success will be indicated on the ticket status.


IF the ticket status shows unsuccessful, please make sure the values again:

  1. The Oracle Database IP address for access is of the correct environment (i.e. CFG, UAT or PRD)
  2. The Service Principal Client ID has the prefix "app:" and then a GUID.
  3. The Service Principal Secret Value is a 40-character long text.
  4. The Azure SQL Server Name ends with ""
  5. The AAS Server Name has the format "asazure://" where only xxx is different based on your naming.

If the problem persists, please log a ticket through