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BI Infrastructure setup on-prem for Self Hosted BI

This section guides you through the provisioning and configuration of resources on-prem for Self-Hosted BI.

An overview of the components to be created are on the right side of this image:

  1. SQL Server Installation
  2. Network setup
    • SQL Server needs to be setup to a public IP address and it's firewall needs to be setup as follows:
    • It allows only the IFS outbound IP address for you.
      • This outbound IP address is available in the COG document.
      • It is a per customer, per environment unique IP.
    • Only port 1433, TCP/IP should be allowed for this IP.
    • If a dns name is mapped, make sure it is internally resolving to the private IP.
  3. Create new database
  4. Create new catalogue folder in Integration Services
  5. ODAC Installation
    • We need to install this driver on the same machine that has SQL Server. 64-bit ODAC 12c Release 4 ( for Windows x64 This file is available as a download from
    • Please use the above version (64bit which is known to have the best performance.
  6. Make sure the site-to-site VPN is functioning properly and IFS Oracle database is connectable using ifsinfo user.


Please note that this is a guideline, and the setup will still need to be verified by your company security board to ensure your company standards and policies have been adhered to. IFS takes no responsibility in any data breach for any artifact hosted outside of the IFS domain.