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Connect On-Prem BI Infrastructure to IFS Cloud


The CSM Portal Form available for connecting "BI Infrastructure in Azure" is currently NOT available for On-Prem setups. Therefore please contact IFS Support for connecting On-Prem infrastructure to IFS Cloud.


To connect the BI Infrastructure created on-prem, these details need to be set in IFS Cloud service customer key vault:

KV Key Description Example Value
bi-am-ora-dbip IFS Oracle IP for the relevant environment
bi-am-sql-name SQL Server url/public IP address
bi-am-sql-dbname Name of the SQL Database for data warehouse uat-sql-srv-dw
bi-am-sql-un Admin username of the SQL Server uat-sql-admin
bi-am-sql-pwd Admin user password for the SQL Server
bi-am-ssis-dbname Name of the SSISDB. Default is SSISDB SSISDB
bi-am-ssis-fldrname The Integration Service Catalog folder name uat-xxxx
bi-am-ssas-name The SSAS Server URL/public IP address
bi-am-ssas-clientid The SSAS user name (domain user) northwind\userx
bi-am-ssas-clientsecret The SSAS password
bi-am-sql-agent-name The SSIS Agent name (On-prem only property) ifs-etl
bi-am-sql-srv-type SQL Server Type (AZURE/ON_PREMISE) ON_PREMISE

In addition to the above, after running the pipeline with above KV changes, these two secrets need to be set on the K8s secrets. - am-sql-srv-type = ON_PREMISE (change existing value to this) - am-sql-agent-name = ifsetljob (new secret, value can be any name)