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Excel Plug-in

This is an advanced report plug-in that adds report data into Excel sheets, either directly or by adding data to a template excel document.

See also: How to work with excel report templates.

Report Plug-in Layout

Layout properties

Required layout properties for the Excel plug-in:

Name Value
plugin-type EXCEL
plugin-class ifs.application.reportingservices.impl.extendedformatter.excelplugin.ExcelPlugin
output-extension xlsx/xslm
flattened-xml:enabled TRUE
flattened-xml:strongtyping TRUE
flattened-xml:full-xsd-column-set ON/OFF, This value is not mandatory, but it will have a major effect on this plug-in. Read more about it here.
flattened-xml:document-model ON/OFF, This value is not mandatory for Excel layouts. But it will have an impact on the data structure.
If the Layout Template was designed for document model in mind it might only work with the property set to true.

Plug-in properties

The plug-in properties are not case sensitive and can be in any order, if they are not included in the RPL file the default values will be used.

Name Type Default value Description
use-display-names YES/NO YES Whether or not to use display names as column names for the first row.
excel-template Text <empty> A reference to a Report Layout Template file name. If left empty, the data will be added to an empty Excel sheet.
If a reference is added the template will be parsed and processed.
include-columns LIST (,) <empty> A list of column names. Only columns in this list will be added to the Excel sheet.
exclude-columns LIST (,) <empty> A list of column names. None of the columns in this list will be added to the Excel sheet.
Can not be used in combination with include-columns.

Plug-in data

This plug-in does not use the data tag of the report plug-in layout.

Plug-in variables

This plug-in does not use the variable tag of the report plug-in layout.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>    <report-layout>       <properties>          <version>9.0</version>          <layout-type>EXCEL</layout-type> <!--SCRIPT,XSL,XML,EXCEL,SIMPLE EXCEL-->          <plugin-class>ifs.application.reportingservices.impl.extendedformatter.excelplugin.ExcelPlugin</plugin-class>          <output-method>E-MAIL</output-method> <!-- BINARY,FILE,E-MAIL this can be more that one value separated by ; -->          <output-name></output-name> <!-- This will default to "ReportId"_"ResultKey" if left empty. You can add a path as part of the filename. -->          <output-extension>xlsx</output-extension> <!-- The file name and attachment name will be a concatenation of <output-name> and <output-extension>. -->          <default-output-reference>              <e-mail></e-mail> <!-- if left empty, it will use the email adress in the print dialog or if not defined it will use the sender address instead (send to yourself). Make sure each user has his own email adress set correctly. -->             <e-mail-sender></e-mail-sender>             <e-mail-cc></e-mail-cc>             <e-mail-subject>Excel report [#ReportTitle] is ready.</e-mail-subject>             <e-mail-body><![CDATA[Printjob: [#PrintJobId] has finished executing. Excel report attached.]]></e-mail-body>             <file-sender></file-sender> <!-- File Sender name configured in solution manager -->             <binary></binary>          </default-output-reference>          <full-xml>TRUE</full-xml>          <flattened-xml>             <enabled>TRUE</enabled>             <strongtyping>TRUE</strongtyping>             <full-xsd-column-set>OFF</full-xsd-column-set>             <document-model>OFF</document-model>          </flattened-xml>          <report-id>ORDER_QUOTATION_REP,CUSTOMER_AGE_REP</report-id> <!-- For which reports should IFS installer register this layout. -->          <report-title>Excel Layout</report-title> <!-- Title used when installed via IFS Installer -->       </properties>       <plugin>          <properties>             <use-display-names>ON</use-display-names>             <excel-template>[#ReportId]_TEMP.xlsx</excel-template> <!-- This line makes this layout dynamic. Just install the Report Template following the name standard -->             <include-columns></include-columns>             <exclude-columns></exclude-columns>          </properties>       </plugin> </report-layout>