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Testing PL/SQL Code

IFS Developer Studio provides a set of tests for PL/SQL code. All of them are launched by the menu option: 'Run Model Compliance Test' on the model file, except PL/SQL unit tests which are run from the PL/SQL code or test file. The test categories are:

  1. Model compliance tests
    - Verify meta data in package spec (entity and enumeration models)
    - Verify column comments in main view (entity models)
    - Verify that references can be executed (entity models)
  2. Interface tests
    - Verify list of allowed events for each state (entity models)
    - Check unique constant names for states and events (entity models)
  3. Implementation tests
    - Verify that enumeration methods are consistent (enumeration models)
    - Verify REF column comment having /NOCHECK option for other views (entity models)
  4. Translation tests
    - Check for unique state name translations (entity models)
    - Check for unique value name translations (enumeration models)
  5. PL/SQL Unit Tests
    - Verify specified test cases (unit test models)

Note:   All of these tests are also typically executed in some Jenkins job for the entire project