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UnusedFunctionOrAction static code analysis validation warns the developers about actions/functions that are defined in a Projection, but not called from connected Client model(s).

White-list UnusedFunctionOrAction warnings

There are a few special actions/functions that are not called from Client model(s), but instead used by framework/workflows. Such actions/functions can be white-listed using @SuppressWarning annotation.

Here is an example of this annotation. Please note the signature (date and username) at the end of the annotation.

@SuppressWarning UnusedFunctionOrAction(2021-01-01, rankse)

Annotating the action/function definition with this annotation ensures that UnusedFunctionOrAction warning is not produced in both Developer Studio and ATW. You may leave an optional comment along with the annotation, just to make it a little easier for other developers to know the reason for white-listing the action/function.