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Middle Tier

The IFS Middle Tier contains the runtime framework and the development tools for the services layer sub tier of the business logic tier.

The IFS Middle Tier have several purposes.

  • A development platform for the services layer, specifically for Business APIs and Activities. It hides the complexities of the Java EE environment to which applications are deployed while also presenting the developer with an API to utilize the software objects modeled and generated using IFS Developer Studio
  • To expose business logic as well as framework services to all IFS clients. It hides the complexity of calling database stored procedures and the mapping of modeled entities and the corresponding database storage.
  • To expose entities and business logic as OData services.
  • To serve as a runtime platform for IFS integration platform IFS Connect.
  • To serve as a runtime platform for Reporting services (formatting reports designed using IFS Report Designer).
  • To serve as a runtime platform for server-side components of IFS Mobile Client.