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Installer directives

The installer behavior can be changed with installer directives.

parameter Purpose Example
action The installer can run in different action modes see Installer Actions --set action=install     (this is default)
logLevel The installer will log at different levels:
  • SEVERE (highest value)
  • INFO
  • FINE
  • FINEST (lowest value)
--set logLevel=FINEST
--debug This will enable debugging in the middle tier installer (Helm) --debug
--dry-run This will parse and do values replacement in all k8s deployment files, but will not deploy them to the k8s cluster, just spool the result to stdout. This setting can be used in combination with --debug  to get detailed logging in Helm. --dry-run
breakOnDBError This parameter should only be used in pipelines, where rollback is possible. When set to true, the installer will stop on db deploy errors and not continue with import of data and middle tier installation. Default behavior is that db deploy errors only result in warnings. --set breakOnDBError=true
skipDryRun This will skip the initial default dry-run defaults to false
--set skipDryRun=true
dbInstaller.extLogging Will generate verbose logging of DB deployment. defaults to N
--set dbInstaller.extLogging=Y
logFileLocation Path to where all logs will be placed

The logFileLocation will be set to ../../../logs/ifscloudinstaller if that path exist. (Remote deployment option)
defaults to %TEMP%/ifsinstaller_<namespace>
--set logFileLocation=c:\logs
--kubeconfig path to the kubectl config file --kubeconfig c:\ifs\config\config
--context a context in the kubectl file --context mycluster

installer --set action=install --values ifscloud-values.yaml --logLevel=FINEST --debug --set dbInstaller.extLogging=Y --set logFileLocation=c:\ifs\logs