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Configure the SSRS Integration

Configure SSRS parameters

The configuration can be done using the following page of the IFS Cloud.

SSRS Report Server URL: Specify on the format http://<ssrs-host>/ReportServer/reportexecution2005.asmx
This is the URL for the WSDL file of MS SSRS Report Server Instance.

Username: This is the username for connecting to the SSRS Server instance.

Password: This is the password of the above username when connecting to MS SSRS.

Set up an IAM Client

In IFS cloud, the authentication handled by IAM identity providers. Therefore, it is necessary to setup an IAM client ids

Please refer to this page for more information on creating IAM client ids.

Note: To log in to Data Sources, you must set up an IAM Client first.

Setting up theSSRS data sources

  • IAM client "IFS_ssrsor_integration" enabled in IFS Cloud
  • SSRS Data source setup using "Database User name and Password"
  • SSRS Data source configured to use"Log in using these credentials, but then try to impersonate the user viewing the report"