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IFS Analysis Models - Azure Artifact setup


This document describes the Azure Artifact Setup for the Analysis Models azure requirements for IFS Analysis Models

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a guideline and the setup will still need to be verified by your company security board to ensure YOUR company standards and policies have been adhered to. IFS takes no responsibility in any data breach for any artifact hosted outside of the IFS domain.

To work through this document to setup the resources for the IFS Analysis Models will take approximately 4 hours. This should be completed by someone who is comfortable to setup Azure resources.

Once the Azure Artifacts are setup, setting up the environment and deploying Tabular Models from within IFS Cloud Web can take from 1 hour+ depending on the number of models and amount of data in each model. Please see this section to setup the environment:Environment Setup

Note: The SQL Server needs to be created before the before the ADF SSIS_IR is run ADF Runtime needs to point to the SQL Server and be on the same Subnet as SQL Server

Azure SQL Connectivity Architecture

Connectivity setup is based on the following Microsoft Documentation.

The diagram depicts the possible ways to connect to the Azure SQL with private link. Options: 1. Connecting from the same v-net as the private endpoint 2. Connecting from a peered v-net 3. Connecting using a v-net to v-net VPN gateway connection 4. Connecting from an on-premises environment over VPN a. Point-to-Site connection b. Site-to-Site VPN connection c. ExpressRoute circuit