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IFS Analysis Models - Azure Artifact setup - Pre-installation Requirements

Pre-installation requirements for creating Azure Artifacts 1. An Azure Subscription 2. 2 Service Principals a. A master Service Principal to create the AM environment (If using Terraform scripts) b. A Service Principle with Admin permissions for Azure Analysis Service 3. Subnet to connect the SQL and Azure Data Factory 4. Storage account (Blob Storage) to host the following 2 files: a. Main.cmd b.

Service Principal

Note: A Master Service Principal is required for the installation of the Analysis Models environment if using Terraform scripts. A service principal is also required to setup the Azure Analysis Service.

This Service Principal will create the following artifacts (Terraform): 1. Resource Group 2. Storage Account 3. Azure SQL 4. Azure Data Factory 5. Customer Service Principals. To create a service principal, you need to be an owner in the subscription

Note: it is highly recommended to ensure that each eanvironment (Dev, Test and Prod) each have their own service principals to ensure proper segragation

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