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IFS Analysis Models - Azure Artifact setup - Storage Account


An Azure storage account contains all of your Azure Storage data objects, including blobs, file shares, queues, tables, and disks. The storage account provides a unique namespace for your Azure Storage data that's accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS. Data in your storage account is durable and highly available, secure, and massively scalable.

Create Storage Account

In Azure Create a storage account and complete the settings as in the images below

Once the Storage account is created, create a Blob Container to host the below two files

Copy the following 2 files into the blob Container a. Main.cmd b.

Once the files are copied to the blob storage, connect to the Storage account using Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer from your local machine/server to create a Shared Access Signature

The SAS requires the following Permissions: Read Write Delete Create Add

This storage account will be used later on when setting up the SSIS-IR E.g.: