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IFS Analysis Models - Azure Artifact setup - Virtual Network


Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is the fundamental building block for your private network in Azure. VNet enables many types of Azure resources, such as Azure Virtual Machines (VM), to securely communicate with each other, the internet, and on-premises networks. VNet is similar to a traditional network that you'd operate in your own data center, but brings with it additional benefits of Azure's infrastructure such as scale, availability, and isolation.

Creating a Virtual Network

In Azure search for and create a Vrtual Network

Select the Resource Group, enter Virtual network name and select a Region Review and Create.

Creating a Subnet

Note: If the MiddleTier and Oracle Database is hosted separately the Analysis Model installation (OnPrem vs Azure or IFS Managed Cloud to AM in Azure) Then a VNET is required between the two infrastructures.

A subnet is required that hosts the following: 1. Azure Data Factory 2. Azure SQL Server