SSRS Manual Deploy

Use this page to learn more about how to handle manual deployment of IFS Analysis Models specific example report content in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

The documentation assumes basic knowledge about SSRS.


For each cube that has been installed, open the corresponding solution for the SSRS reports.

Do the following:

  1. For each cube; find and open the SSRS specific (solution) .sln file under the cube component name in the SSRS base folder in the AM Instance Home.

  2. Verify the TargetServerURL through the dialog, which you access by RMB on the project node and choosing Properties

  3. Verify the connection string of each Shared Data Source in the Properties window that you open by double-clicking the data source (e.g. in Human Resources called IFS_HumanResources.rds).

  4. Install the SSRS reports from the solution by right-clicking on the solution node and choosing Deploy Solution

  5. To verify that the reports were correctly deployed, open Internet Explorer and access the SSRS web interface. Append /reports to the name of the server hosting SSRS.

    Click on the Published Reports folder to see the list of deployed reports.