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Service Insight Studio🆕


The Service Insight Studio refers to a single reporting solution which allows the customer immediate insights into their activities so they can react to those needs and demands. This user-friendly platform is tailored to streamline the monitoring and analysis of data, enabling users to make informed decisions and drive business success.

The Service Insight Studio can only be accessible by users added to the BP User Admin user role where the Build Places are in the 'Active' state and the mode of implementation has been set. If those conditions are met, the 'Go to Service Insight Studio' button will be visible within the Build Place.

Figure 1 - Go to Service Insight Studio Button


Once the 'Go to Service Insight Studio' button is clicked, you will be navigated to one of the reports within the Service Insight Studio. Each report page will contain the report title, a documentation URL, and a dropdown to switch between customer reports if the user has access to multiple Build Places. The common functionality of the Service Insight Studio is explained in detail below:

  • Left navigation - A navigation menu will be shown on the left side of the studio to show all the supported reports (Figure 2).

    Figure 2 - Left Navigation Menu
  • Report Title - The format of the report title will be ""'customer_name' 'report_name' Report ('customer_ID')"

  • Documentation URL - Each report will contain a URL to the documentation navigating to the detailed documentation on the report.

  • Customer Selection - Partner users or any user who has access to multiple customer Build Places, will be able to see an option to switch between customer reports (Figure 3).

    Figure 3 - Dropdown to Select Customers


The Service Insight Studio currently maintains the following reports: