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Handling File Storage Metadata during Migration


An API is provided in FssMigrationHandling projection to facilitate the handling of metadata during the migration process.

This API is supposed to be used in combination with the Cloud File Storage Migration Tool.

NOTE: Access to this API should not be given to normal users and all access to this API including others in the projection should be revoked after the migration operation.

Exporting File Metadata Information

In certain migration scenarios, the files would need to be migrated out of the source database and into the destination Storage before the actual database is migrated/upgraded.

This means that during the upgrade of the database, the data in the file storage metadata table can be overwritten by the table in the upgraded database.

To ensure that the metadata data is recreated you would need to first export the existing metadata out after the migration of the files are done. This can be done by calling the https://<server>/main/ifsapplications/projection/v1/FssMigrationHandling.svc/ExportMetadata() endpoint. This will download a SQL file.

Importing the Metadata information

To import the metadata information, the previously exported SQL file should be deployed. To do this, place the file inside the upgrade delivery as a regular SQL file.

NOTE: The files rely on APIs in the FNDBAS component.