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Query Designer

The Query Designer lets users create and publish advanced queries through a simple user interface. These queries can be consumed in areas such as Custom Pages, Integrations and Lobbies in IFS Cloud. We can also utilize these from the Database.

Configurations such as Lobbies, IALs, SQL Quick Reports contains complex SQL. The user experience of existing tools to maintain these SQL queries is more technical-user focused, making them hard to maintain. The Query Designer can be used to avoid writing code in configurations and stay evergreen in IFS Cloud.

The Query Designer is based on the Entity model. Its simple user interface eliminates the technical complexity and facilitates non-technical users to make data sources easily.

A high-level architecture of the Query Designer is as below. The Query Designer user interface fetches Entity model information from the IFS Dictionary. The designed queries can be saved and published. These queries will be available through Projection endpoints and PL/SQL API.

Query Designer High-level Architecture

To ensure data security, Query Designer only consumes Row Level Security (RLS) safe views.