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Crystal Web Service Logs


Crystal Web Service Logs page allows you to enable, disable the crystal web services logs. Log Configuration dialog shows the status of logs. The Edit Log Configuration button allows to enable, disable the logs and to change the log level to low, medium or high.

After enabling the logs you can fetch the logs by Fetch Logs button which will download the log files as a zip file. Clear Logs button will clear the available logs.

The Activity Log list will display the latest actions done by the previous users with the timestamp.

Figure 1 - Crystal Web Service Logs Page

Edit Log Configuration: Opens a dialog to enable or disable the logs and to change the log level.

*Figure 2 - Edit Log Configuration Button

Figure 3 - Edit Log Configuration Dialog

Fetch Logs : Allows the user to download the logs in crystal web service into a zip file.

Figure 4 - Fetch Logs Button

Clear Logs : Clears the logs in crystal web service.

Figure 5 - Clear Logs Button