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Git diff tool

Script ifs_git_diff.cmd/sh

The script ifs_git_diff.cmd/sh is located in component fndbas/build folder, and will in a build home be located in the build folder.

When extracting the changed files between two git commit hashes, the ifs_git_diff script should be used. The script will list all changed files between the fromtag and the totag hashes. The list will be spooled to a file that will be used to copy the files from the git repo to a delivery using ifs_create_build_structure script. Note: The git repo must be checked out on the totag commit hash when copying the actual files.

The script accepts three parameters.

Parameter Required Purpose Examples/Defaults
--gitcheckout Mandatory Path to the cloned git repo --gitcheckout "c:\work\gitrepo"
--fromtag Mandatory The commit hash or tag from where the diff start --fromtag "delivery1"
--totag Mandatory Path to the delivery. --totag "delivery2"
--filelistname Optional Name of the file list file.
Default: --gitcheckout\..\diff_file_list.txt or --gitcheckout\..\deleted_file_list.txt
--filelistname c:\work\difflist.txt
--deleted Optional Will generate a list of deleted files instead of modified/added files.

C:\Work\build_home\build> .\ifs_git_diff --gitcheckout "C:\customer1\gitrepo" --fromtag "delvery1" --totag "delivery2" --filelistname "c:\temp\diff_file_list.txt"