IFS Business Reporter

IFS Business Reporter is a reporting solution for analytical reporting based on a pre-packaged, high-level information model in IFS Applications, IFS Information Sources.

IFS Business Reporter is a reporting tool that extends the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to serve as a client for planning, reporting and analysis. The tool provides an efficient and secure reporting solution that can be used by many different functions and user categories within an enterprise. All data and information is securely stored in IFS Applications and only aggregated, formatted and presented in IFS Business Reporter according to the report design. In addition to this, selected Information Sources support data entry, writeback, from IFS Business Reporter in a controlled and secure way for planning purposes, e.g. for financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. IFS Business Reporter is IFS main reporting solution for financial reporting and planning, but can also be used in many other product areas.

IFS Business Reporter is particularly suitable for number crunching:

A report is often designed to use parameters, making the report more generic. For each execution, the necessary parameters are displayed and should thus be provided by the end user before the execution is started. A report can be executed from IFS Business Reporter but a more general approach is to publish the report to IFS Applications and use ordinary reporting order interfaces to execute the report. An advantage with this approach is that a report can be scheduled and for every execution a mail with or without the final report can be sent to a specific user. The standard IFS reporting functionality also enables distribution of executed reports to many users and also to connect an executed report to a document in Document Management.

The execution time is dependent on the data volumes and the complexity of the report.

The results from a report execution is presented in Excel and are intended to be viewed from Excel. For page based reporting intended for printing, IFS Business Reporter is limited to the capabilities of Excel for controlling printout formats and paging.

Reports ordered from Order Report dialog in IFS Applications can also be previewed within IFS EE, if the IFS Business Reporter pre-viewer has been enabled.



A short functionality overview is presented in below sections.

Report Design in Excel


Report Execution in Excel


Information Sources


Solution Manager


Business Reporter Execution Server


Report Repository




Document Management