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Transformers support conversion of IFS Record XML format to/from other formats required by other systems - like other XML standards, flat files, or HTML. IFS Connect supports transformation of both inbound and outbound messages. Synchronous request/response messages may also have transformation of the response.

Note: It is also possible to transform non-XML or binary data using Java transformers.

Transformers change Messages from one format to another.

IFS Connect supports two types of transformers:

  • Stylesheet
    Transformation is performed by a stylesheet engine (XALAN) and transformation rules are defined in an XSLT file.
  • Java
    A Java classimplementing a given interface performs the transformation. There are two types of Java transformers:
    • String transformer - can be used for transformation of any type of text document (XML, HTML, plain text, etc.).
    • Binary transformer - can be used for transformation of binary data, e.g. can be used for digital signing of PDF documents.

Transformers work primarily on the message body. In detail this means that for messages of known types the header will not be transformed.

  • for SOAP_IFS, SOAP_SIMPLE or any other envelope type defined in the system, on the soap body
  • for unknown XML, on the whole content (UNKNOWN_XML means XML file that is not recognized as having a known envelope type).
  • for none XML, on the whole content (NONE_XML means flat files, edifact, PDF, etc.).

Transformers can be created and configured in Setup IFS Connect feature of IFS Solution Manager.