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Information Sources - Runtime LogΒΆ

This page deals with the runtime log related to Information Sources.

The Business Reporting & Analysis framework logs runtime events such as:

  • Generation and execution of SQL statements
  • SQL statement execution time
  • Number of fetched rows
  • Materialized View refresh actions

SQL statements are generated upon request from IFS Business Reporter. Some other events handled by the Business Reporting & Analysis framework, such as Materialized View refresh and rebuild is also logged.

Figure1:Information Sources - Runtime Log

By default the runtime log is not enabled.

To enable it, use the BR Execution Parameters page and set the parameter LOG_DURING_EXECUTION to TRUE. The parameter can also be set for a specific report related to IFS Business Reporter and even for a specific data set related to a IFS Business Reporter report. Enabling logging on different levels, makes it possible to reduce the log output to simplify analysis of a IFS Business Reporter specific reporter.