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Used to define a card-like display for a record.

card WorkOrderCard for TstOffWorkOrder {  
   label = "${WoNo} ${Description}";  

   badge Objstate {  
      emphasis Complementary2 = [Objstate = "NEW"];  
      emphasis Complementary3 = [Objstate = "ACCEPTED"];  
      emphasis Complementary9 = [Objstate = "COMPLETED"];  

   imageviewer CardWorkOrderImageViewer {  
      visible = [Objstate != "COMPLETED"];  

Supported elements & properties

  • label
  • badge
  • field
  • static
  • imageviewer

Editable fields in list cards

Cards in lists support showing a single editable field on the right hand side of the card. By default all fields in cards have their editable property set to false. The client will only use the first visible and editable field. All other editable fields will be read-only and part of the card. Changes are saved when the field loses focus.


  • imageviewer only supports showing the default media item for the record. Swiping between images is not supported. Documents and URLs are not supported.
  • Only fields with type Text, Number and Boolean are supported as editable fields.