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Attribute String

The attribute string is the transfer protocol used for client server interaction.

The attribute string format is an internal IFS light weight protocol for transferring values between the client and the server. It is a value pair format that stores a name and its value. One of the good things with such a protocol is that it easy to add/remove attributes to the parameter. It is not a very human readable format since it includes invisible characters.

All the server implementation of the protocol exists in the Client_SYS system service.

When saving a record in the client, the framework adds all changes into an attribute string and makes a server call with the attribute string as one of the parameters.


An attribute string cannot hold another attribute string in one of the attributes.


   attr_ VARCHAR2(1000);  
   Log_SYS.Set_Log_Level_(Log_SYS.debug_, TRUE);  
   Client_SYS.Add_To_Attr('STRING_VALUE', 'ABCDE', attr_);  
   Client_SYS.Add_To_Attr('NUMBER_VALUE', 12345,   attr_);  
   Client_SYS.Add_To_Attr('DATE_VALUE',   sysdate, attr_);  


Framework: NUMBER_VALUE=12345  
Framework: DATE_VALUE=2014-10-20-13.51.14