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Deploying IFS Cloud

Installing IFS Cloud is a process that involves a set of tasks.
An installation contains of preparation of the database (Prepare Database Instance for IFS Cloud), deployment of the database object (Deploy Database Objects) and deployment of the middle tier (Deploy Middle Tier).
These three steps can be run separately as explained in the details section or run as combined deployment, running all step automatically in sequence.

To run installer.cmd/sh you need a custom values yaml (ifscloud-values.yaml) file, solutionset.yaml file.

Additional yaml files and parameters can be sent to the installer.
Example: --values ifscloud-values.yaml --values solutionset.yaml --set dbInstaller.ifsappPassword=xxxxx --set dbInstaller.sysPassword=yyyyy

The parameters sent as --set parameters can also be added in the custom values yaml file, read more about custom values yaml file in Installation parameters.