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Data Management

IFS Cloud business data are stored in a Oracle database. Data Management is about how this data can be migrate to and from IFS Cloud, Synchronized between sites or applications and archive from a production database.


  • Data Archiving - Data Archiving is a way of moving data from a production database to a specified data archive destination.
  • Data Migration - Data Migration is a tool that loads data from external sources into the application core objects in IFS Cloud. This tool is typically used to move data from previous legacy systems when an IFS solution is first implemented, or when systems are consolidated.
  • Data Synchronization - Data Synchronization provides the framework runtime, configuration and monitoring support to synchronize business data and transactional data between Hub and satellites.
  • Data Catalog - Data Catalog will be able to scan all IFS data sources, identifying, classifying, correlating, indexing, and registering data sets.
  • Data Migration Manager - Data Migration Manager is a migration tool to be used for migration work between different environments