IFS SOAP Gateway

The IFS SOAP Gateway gives a client or another software the possibility to integrate with the business logic in a controlled and performance efficient manner. With the use of the IFS SOAP Access provider format, where the called BizAPI or handler:operation is stated, does the invoking of the interface go straight through without intervenient of IFS Connect framework. This is a very fast and efficient way of calling the business logic interface and is suitable for clients where a tighter integration is preferable. The benefits are high performance and minor administration.

The use of the IFS SOAP Gateway can be divided into two categories

The IFS SOAP Gateway is delivered to handle two standard SOAP formats.
Other formats can be handled by defining customized envelopes.

  1. SOAP Access Provider format
    By using HTTP, SOAP_SIMPLE envelope and SOAPAction, the Services or Activities are invoked directly.
  2. SOAP_IFS format
    This IFS specific SOAP format should be used together with IFS Connect and Message Routing.
    The SOAP Header contains IFS specific elements that are used as Content Based conditions in Message Routing.

For information about authentication: Authentication in IFS Applications / Foundation1